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Important Information on Excel's Properly Insured Vehicles

Excel Limousine & Transportation takes great pride in the services that we offer. In today's business climate it becomes very difficult at times to remain competitive. Our firm strives to maintain competitive prices along with exceptional service. Providing competitive prices, along with exceptional service is our main goal.

In determining the cost of limousine transportation, many factors are taken into consideration, gasoline, maintenance, vehicle purchases and the chauffeur’s salary are a large factor. One major factor is the cost of insurance for the vehicles. As you may or may not be aware New York State Department of Motor Vehicles , as well as the New York State Department of Transportation have very defined rules and laws governing Limousine Service. Conforming to these laws and rules does have an effect on the pricing of Limousine rentals. Therefore it is very important that you the consumer, are aware of these rules and regulations.

Insurance costs are reflective of the passenger capacity of a specific vehicle. All vehicles when manufactured are given a CAPACITY for passengers. 2,4,6,8,10,12 &14 Passenger vehicles are regulated under Department of Motor Vehicle laws and regulations, while Limousines that can carry more than 15 passengers are covered by an ADDITIONAL set of laws rules and regulations by the New York State Dept. of Transportation. Passenger capacities are listed on the insurance and registration cards carried in the vehicle and those capacities cannot be exceeded, when capacities are exceeded , and an accident should take place , there will be NO insurance coverage for the additional passengers in that vehicle.

The cost of insurance is based upon the capacity of that particular vehicle, generally Limousines that carry 14 or less passengers are insured at a reasonable rate while vehicles that are ABOVE 14 passengers carry a much larger premium, many times 2 to 3 times the amount required by smaller limousines. Taking this into consideration, the operating costs of the larger limousines and buses is substantially higher.

We at Excel Limousine & Transportation have found that both in the past and currently many LIMOUSINE OPERATORS have resorted to placing more than the LEGAL amount of passengers in that vehicle to help defray the cost of insurance. This practice is both deceptive and dangerous to the consumer. As mentioned prior, when the specified capacity for a vehicle is exceeded the insurance on that vehicle is in jeopardy, along with the safety of the passengers..

At Excel Limousine & Transportation we encourage ALL consumers to ask the limousine operators how many passengers a limousine will seat, ask to see the registration card and insurance cards. Remember YOUR safety is paramount to Excel, and ALL PERTINENT LAWS, REGULATIONS and INSURANCE will be adhered to.

To help you, the following guideline will offer a few points that need to be considered when reserving a limousine.

Vehicles with the following capacities:

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ,14 Passengers.

1) Require an insurance ID card labeled FH 1. The FH1 designation shows that he Limousine has been registered as a for hire vehicle(as mandated by DMV law), and that ID card will contain the number of passengers that the vehicle is allowed to carry both legally as well as safely. The registration card will also state the number of passengers. The registration and insurance cards should have the same information such as the vehicle identification number as well as passenger seating. These ID cards, by law, must be in the vehicle at all times.

2) The Limousine must have a license plate that carries the designation “LIVERY’ on it. This shows that according to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles this vehicle is registered as a FOR HIRE vehicle.

3) The chauffeurs must have a chauffeur license to comply with NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicle Laws. This license is designated by a class “E” status or a C.D.L( Commercial Drivers License)

15, 16 or more passengers (including specialty vehicles , Navigators, Excursions and limo buses)

In ADDITION to above rules and regulations, these vehicles because of the passenger capacity now become part of ADDITIONAL set of laws that are governed by the Dept. of Transportation, This category is basically the same category that a Bus is registered and governed by. THIS CATEGORY of vehicles many times can carry a insurance premium 2 to 3 times that of the smaller vehicles. Due to this increased insurance obligation some companies will try to UNDERINSURE the vehicle (by registering it as a smaller capacity)to lower the operating cost of that particular vehicle. AT Excel Limousine all of our vehicles are insured for the proper passenger capacities and we would be happy to provide this information to any of our customers.

Vehicles with the following capacities 15 or more;

1) Subject to ALL rules and regulations of the smaller vehicles
2) Additional rules and regulations governed by the NYS Dept. of Transportation.

A) Registered with the New York State Dept. of Transportation
B) ALL Chauffeurs MUST have a CDL (commercial drivers license)
C) Must maintain safety and inspection log on each vehicle
D) License plate marked “ Bus”

We encourage all consumers to ask to view the insurance and registration cards of the vehicle that they are hiring as well as all other necessary documentation . Please keep in mind that we at Excel have your SAFETY and COMFORT in mind at all times, and we are always in compliance with all rules and regulations regardless of the operating expense to the company.


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